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Circle of excellence

RECOGNITION OF EXCELLENCE AWARD RECIPIENT We are happy to announce that our broker, Diana DuPre, is a recipient of a Circle of Excellence award for 2020. This is an award based on volume and value of her individual transactions. The “A...

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How to inspect a flip

How to inspect a flipped house Buying a flipped house can be tempting, especially when there is such limited housing inventory in San Diego at the moment (March 2021). As the saying goes “You can't judge a book by its cover” so here ...

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Pricing Your House Right Matters

Setting the right price for your house is one of the most valuable things you can do. When it comes to pricing your home, the goal is to increase visibility and drive more buyers your way. Instead of trying to win the negotiation with one buy...

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3 Signs It’s Time To Sell Your House

Your Needs are Changing (home office, gym, garden) 2020 was a year of big changes, and that could have affected your living situation as well. Many of us took on remote work for the first time, and that looks to be continuing well into the f...

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Prop 19, what you need to know

Proposition (Prop) 19, is a new law that could impact homeowners and prospective homebuyers in California. Whether you’re a homeowner, or a prospective buyer, here is what you need to know. Property Tax Portability: Prop 19: Allows indi...

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Moving With A Pet

You are planning on moving with a pet. The sun is shining and you are about to begin a brand new chapter of life in your new home. In all the excitement it is easy to forget the chaos of cardboard boxes, packing tape and moving trucks can r...

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What You Can Do Now To Prepare To Sell Your Home

While it’s still possible to sell a home, as Real Estate is classified as an essential business, coronavirus concerns may be causing you to wait a while. During this wait time there are still steps you can take now so you’re ready to se...

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woman researching at computer

How to Research San Diego Neighborhoods

Researching San Diego neighborhoods can be done efficiently and effectively online, but it's easy to to get overwhelmed with all the "noise" of the web. To help your research focus on the important concerns that most home-buyers have, we ha...

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