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Outdated Advice From Your Peers

People who have gone through the home buying process are often eager to give advice. Unfortunately, sometimes that advice is outdated, especially if the people giving the advice live outside of our area. Check out some of the most common bad advice.

“Wait for Spring!” Waiting for the busiest season in real estate won’t always give you an advantage. yes, there may be more houses available, but there also going to be more competition. Instead, buy when you find the right property that will meet your needs for today – and the next five to 10 years.

“Wait for the prices to come down!” Some buyers may be told to wait until home prices come down before jumping into the market. But this is California and it’s important to remember that rents are also high. Paying high rent now and hoping for a better deal later just won’t work.

“Make a lowball offer!” You may hear to make an offer that is less that what you’re actually willing to pay so that you can negotiate. A true motivated seller is less inclined to engage in the back and forth. Instead, base your off on on sales of similar homes in the area.

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